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The Gardens

The Gardens and parkland at Leixlip Manor Hotel have had a dedicated team working on restoring them to their former glory since 1999. Mick and Peter and the team’s before them have shown tremendous dedication in bringing these beautiful Gardens on and we invite you to call up, take stroll and enjoy them.


The Victorian Walled Garden

The Walled Garden, a pure masterpiece of Georgian Design has uncovered many interesting plants, some quite exotic. Mick is happy to talk you through some of the plant varieties when you visit with signs on most of the rare trees to help you identify them.

This is an ideal location for your Wedding photos, Private parties and a great place to take a stroll when visiting the hotel.

Woodland Surroundings

The Woodland surrounding Leixlip Manor is a mixture of native hardwood trees and an interesting assortment of Californian Redwood trees.

Through careful management our policy is to think to the future, therefore we have replanted 3 species of hardwood tree to every tree that has fallen or been felled. Trees are checked on an annual basis for disease and ivy is removed. Occasional tree surgery is part and parcel of good woodland management thus ensuring the remainder of the trees remain in good shape for future generations.

Undisturbed Wildlife

A result of nurturing, the property has been the creation of an unofficial Game Sanctuary. Pheasants, Foxes (not necessarily the best of allies!), Rabbits, Hares, Squirrels, an abundance of birdsong are all residents of Leixlip Manor and Gardens. The occasional visit of our West Highland, Heidi adds to this idyllic mix and in 2018 Golden Lady and Rollie our ponies arrived.


Notes from Mick, our Head Gardener, Early Summer 2018:

Early Summer  has arrived and with it comes the weeks, hoeing is essential so as not to take away any soil nutrients that help the summer flowers flourish.

At this time of year around the garden beautiful shrubs and ornamental trees can be seen; Lavandula, Hosta’s, Potentilla, Hebe’s, Japanese Maples all beginning to display.

Roses are plentiful around the gardens having been cut back last November for rest and protection, they are now regrown and displaying leaves and buds in beautiful colours of Red, Pinks and Yellow for all to see.

Notes from Mick, our Head Gardener, Spring 2018:

The early Spring Flowers such as Daffodils, Macari, Snowdrops and Tulips have now lost their vibrant colours leaving behind droopy yellowish foliage. This is when the  plants return energy back to the bulbs to rest and prepare for next spring. these leaves will soon be cut back to ground level.

Gardens Kildare Leixlip Manor Hotel

Kildare Leixlip Manor Gardens